What's in a brand?

Your brand is so much more than your logo! It's the story of your business and of the relationships you build with your clients. We love branding and working with our clients from the logo up to build visual identities that have meaning and depth. Here’s how your brand journey begins with us:

1. Customer profiling.

This critical foundation exercise helps us learn all about your business, brand values and target audience. We want to perfectly match your new visual identity to your customer base. Our branding worksheet will help us understand your needs better and help you to understand the needs of your business!

Mockup psd created by Yeven_popov - Freepik.com

2. Brand artwork.

The exciting part! We use our design process to develop your logo and deliver you with:

• Your logo to own.
• A dynamic range of ‘lockups’ or variations.
• Files and formats in resolutions that are ready for any print or digital application.
• Associated font and image licenses.

3. Brand Style Guide.

We deliver you a Brand Style Guide document as an official resource to ensure consistency in the use of your logo and brand. Use this in-house and for external partners to uphold your brand’s integrity and authenticity. It contains full guidelines about:
• Choice of fonts specially selected for your brand
• Brand colour swatches (CMYK for print and RGB for screen)
• A mood-board for inspiration and reference.

Now what?

What does your business need to flourish? A stunning website? Are your customers primarily on Facebook? Instagram? Will they respond better to an email or printed promotional material?
We will help you understand what makes your customers tick and create a marketing strategy that is faithful to the Style Guide we have created and get your beautiful brand out into the world!